Review of Solas Box (Dragon Age)

"The most detailed work I've purchased from Taylor yet, this box truly transports me to another world. I feel like I've stepped into one of Solas' Fade dreams. The hand painted fresco inside the lid still takes my breath away. This box makes you want to take a closer look to see what's hidden inside. From the wolf prowling through the undergrowth of what could be an ancient elven ruin, to the tiny replica of Skyhold and the hidden words inside a book, every piece represents a part of Solas' story. As always it was such a wonderful experience to collaborate with Taylor, to share thoughts and ideas and see how she reflects these ideas in her work. Such care is taken, right down to the smallest detail. Taylor's magic boxes truly are that, magic. I feel honored to now be the proud owner of four boxes from her Dragon Age series. Xx"

Review of a Custom SNM Box

"The work put into this is nothing short of astounding. There was so much care and detail put into my box, not only in terms of its craftsmanship and the care and thought put into its content, but also in the way it manages to feel like something that could have come out of the McKittrick. I'm so thankful to Taylor for this, because it really is an extraordinary piece."


Review of Morrigan Box (Dragon Age)

"Another beautiful experience!! Felt like this box was sitting on my doorstep before I'd even finished hitting checkout! Everything as usual is so meticulously wrapped, getting to handle every piece and place it in the box is always such a phenomenal task. So much thought and good energy goes into these boxes, I honestly cannot get enough. And the shop owner is an absolute joy to communicate with. I will 100% be continuing to shop here. 10/10 will highly recommend to everyone!!"



Review of a Custom SNM Box

"Working with Taylor to create a custom magic box was a wonderful experience. She kept me updated on her progress, and the end result is amazing. The level of detail is incredible, and every piece is so well thought out. Even the way everything was packed for shipping was handled with such care. Her boxes are truly one of a kind."


Review of Merrill Box (Dragon Age)

"This little magic box took my breath away as I slowly unpackaged it. I handled it with delicacy as I admired the golden tree on the closed lid, then carefully opened it to reveal Merrill's treasures. As with all of Taylor's creations, so much thought has gone into the preparation, presentation and contents of this magic box. It is utterly precious and one of a kind."


Review of a Custom SNM Box

"First, let me tell you, this is easily one of the best shops you will find on Etsy. She is wonderfully communicative, a real pleasure to work with. Secondly, the craftsmanship, attention to detail, and love put into every bit of this box made a real treasure. I am beyond pleased with the finished product, and have already ordered a second box as a gift. Thank you for the wonderful magic box!"


Review of Boy Witch Box (SNM)

"I cannot speak more highly of Taylor's work. My box feels like pure magic- Taylor completely embodied exactly what I had hoped the box would evoke. I will absolutely treasure her creation!


Review of Lady Macduff Box (SNM)

"Her themed boxes are beautiful, well thought out, and really capture the characters they represent."