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What is a magic box?

A magic box is a piece of three-dimensional artwork that's, you guessed it, inside a box. They originated initially from my attempt to combine my experience with magic and metaphysical practice with my love of pop culture. I take themes from various media sources and combine them with magical and divinatory practices such as tarot, potion-making, crystals, herb and flower meanings, and many more. My practice of intertwining literal symbols with magical ones inside a portable container creates a "magic box." They vary in appearance, sometimes looking like a shadow box or diorama and sometimes like a chest filled with treasures, but they all follow the same general rules, no matter how different they may look. For examples and explanations, you can check out some of my past boxes!


Can I get a custom box with my choice of theme?

You sure can! There are some themes which I don't think translate very well (for example, futuristic themes) but I would be happy to discuss any ideas with you! Feel free to message me on my contact page or through Etsy.



How long will it take to get my magic box?

My production time varies by box size and workload, but generally is about 6-8 weeks. After researching the theme, I either find vintage boxes or  make and stain them myself, and then I source or create all ingredients; all potions are handmade to fit with the theme, and each box is accompanied by a written explanation of the contents. For mini boxes, production time is a bit less, and for very large boxes is usually at a full 8 weeks. I will keep in contact with you to update you on progress, and send you progress photos if you choose. 

After a box is finished, I ship it priority mail in the US, which usually arrives in 1-3 days. Internationally, I ship First Class with tracking, which varies in transit time depending on destination but usually takes around 2-4 weeks. 


How much does it cost for a custom magic box?

Since each box is customized, it's difficult to create a one-size-fits-all price sheet. Pricing depends on a few factors, including the size of the box and materials used, plus projected time to complete the box. If you would like a quote, please email me through my contact page or send me a convo through Etsy . You can include your topic, and I will respond with quote for various sizes.

Generally my boxes are divided into a few sizes: Mini (under 3x5in), Small(approx. 3x5in), Medium(approx. 4x6in), and Large(approx. 5x7). It's definitely possible to create something smaller or bigger than these sizes - they're just a guide. Vintage boxes, for example, will vary more in size than handcrafted ones, so the sizes are just for reference.


Do you take requests for non-custom boxes?

I always like hearing suggestions, but I usually don't take requests for boxes. Feel free to contact me with any ideas you'd like to see in the future, but it doesn't guarantee I will make a box with that theme. Most of my work is commission-based, but I do list premade boxes in my shop when I have the time. If you don't want to do a custom box, you can check there and see if anything interests you! 


How did you start making Magic Boxes?

Back in 2012, I fell into the world of immersive theater thanks to an amazing acting teacher (thanks Brian) and was super inspired by what I was seeing. A year later, I saw a show called Then She Fell by Third Rail Projects and was totally blown away by the emotional response I had to the show. I wanted to be able to carry it around with me; my goal became to preserve an intimate moment between viewer and performer (or media) in a physical form to be revisited at a later date. My memory tends to fail me, and I became obsessed with freezing time so I wouldn't forget how I felt in those series of moments at Then She Fell. From there, it was only natural to combine my other interests (magic and video games) with my new form of art. The boxes then became less of a catalogue and more of an experience in themselves, and they continue to grow and evolve to this day.